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Joined: 09 Dec 2010
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PostPosted: Sat Dec 25, 2010 3:49 am† †Post subject: Helpful Tips for Baseball Hitter and Catcher Reply with quote

Life as a Little League or Pony League catcher can be tough. You can read baseball tips on this, baseball tips on that, do drill for this and train for that. Listen to this person, listen to that person. Try this and try that.But still, you find yourself not throwing many people out in games.-8368.html] Donte Whitner white jersey It seems like there are always balls getting by you and going back to the backstop. All of them like to wear mlb jerseys wholesale. You may have gotten whacked way more times than youíd like by wild pitches. Long games and hot games. Is catching really worth it?Well, fear not young catchers! Here are a few baseball tips and advice for you on why you should hang in there if you really like catching.
Right now at your age in Little League or Pony League there are things going on that you really have no control over. This makes catching seem impossible at times. It can be discouraging to young catchers because at this age and in these leagues success doesnít come often. Youíre not throwing a lot of people out, balls are flying everywhere (and hitting you) and you many times feel like youíre the catcher only because no one else is stupid enough to do it. Well, those things may be true right now, but here are some things to consider:
Many young pitchers at these ages throw a lot of balls and wild pitches. You need good pitches to have any chance at all of throwing someone out. They all like to wear mlb jerseys china in training. Wild pitches and runners advancing easily can be discouraging You can catch, but you canít pitch and catch. So you are at the mercy of the pitcher too. Young pitchers donít always know how to hold runners well or perform good pick-off moves to keep runners honest. Watch a Pony League game sometime. Smart runners will be more than half way down to second base by the time the catcher gets the ball. Thereís nothing you can do here. Just do your best.
In Little League and Pony League the bases are pretty short. When someone takes off, Thomas Blue jersey youíre relying on a good pitch from the pitcher, a perfect throw from you and a perfect catch and tag from the second baseman or shortstop. These things donít happen routinely in Little League and are just getting better in Pony League. Kids in baseball jerseys are bigger, stronger and faster these days. Look at the Little League World Series this year. They moved the fence back a good distance because the home runs keep increasing and there are just too many.
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