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PostPosted: Thu Aug 19, 2010 6:59 am    Post subject: Self Massage For Your Neck and Shoulders Reply with quote

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Many people carry their stress and tension in their neck and shoulders, this is especially common if you work at a computer or are in the the same position for a good portion of the day. You may also feel increased amounts of tension in your neck and shoulders if you are on your feet all day, doing heavy lifting, or carrying around a baby.
There are simple ways to relieve the stress, and a massage is always a good way to release the tension in the muscles. Of course the most effective massage for your shoulders, is when someone else is sitting behind you massaging the sore muscles. But, not everyone has a personal assistant that can rub away the tension.
So, here are a few techniques that you can use to relieve the tension yourself. Simply find a quiet place, get comfortable-- usually sitting is the best. I prefer to use a stool or sit on the edge of the chair so that the back of the chair is not in the way.
Start by taking your left hand, bring it up to your shoulder at the base of your neck on the right side of your body. Bring your fingers around sot hat your fingertips are able to knead the muscles and work through the tension. Move the massage up your neck and down your shoulder, you may even consider massaging the top of your arm.
You should use gentle motions and focus on any area that may feel tight or extra tense. Continue to work the muscles in your neck and shoulders until you begin to feel relaxed on that side of your body, and then switch hands and do the same thing on the left side your neck and shoulders.
It is usually a good idea to end the massage with firmer pressure, squeeze the should and neck muscles between your thumb and index finger and then let it realx.
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