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PostPosted: Mon Aug 16, 2010 10:36 am    Post subject: louis vuitton wallet . 1865 Reply with quote

Brand Fashion Sale is usually in March and July.people yearning to Paris, half from its romantic, the other half from enSolde (reduction), which most people in Paris, the word irrational. Every January and July, the entire city of Paris began to fall into a kind of indescribable uproar. Well-arranged before the window of a sudden more eye-catching banner: EnSolde (price), banks and shops in the terminal services connection began a combat, a war started grabbing, grabbing business customers,louis vuitton handbags LV, the customer is the first time in his stlouis vuitton handbags of the season staked the goods immediately, a second later, it may become someone else's baby. the discount started the night before, had stores of goods for tomorrow's discount discount tag affixed one by one. Once the product label affixed so, then even the night before in a sale, customers can buy goods at this price. Therefore, experienced shopaholics deliberately chose this day to dispatch the evening. Of course, the easiest thing in the price in lost tourist, even in peacetime, those luxury brands such as Dior, LV, to be lower than in other countries, 20% to 30%, then play a pair of folding, no-one can not help but buy some. Avenue Montaigne Avenue Montaigne to pilgrims! JilSander, Joseph, ChristianLacroix, LV,louis vuitton handbags, Chanel, NinaRicci, CD, Valentino, Celine, Dolce & Gabbana, Escada, CalvinKlein, GianfracoFerre, ThierryMug-gler ... ... no one can \
Montaigne Avenue louis vuitton bags Bayar Street intersection, Chanel flagship store in the world occupy the entire corner. Off to one side of the LouisVuit-ton of great box wall in deep stone walls in old buildings, this is the brand of inside information. Montaigne Avenue and the intersection of Francis I Street, is Kelly shot ad for louis vuitton wallet Dior cosmetics field. Many stars from this fan louis vuitton bags out louis vuitton wallet door white, people louis vuitton handbags turning a blind eye, simply because Dior. It is said that 57 years ago and settled here in the famous restaurant, so the whole street is renowned. The brand founder, Mr. ChristianDior subversive design \The history of numerous brilliant moments Avenue Montaigne composed of fascinating how can we louis vuitton wallet?
Boulevard Haussmann Boulevard Haussmann in Paris is louis vuitton wallet the most prosperous region, but because of two well-known department stores and to life: France's biggest department store --- Lafayette Department Store (GaleriesLafayette) known and in the spring of fine furnishings department stores (Printemps). 1865, the Spring Department Store first came here, until the 19th century Lafayette department store was at the red, but with classic luxury decoration sensation, under the dome in the Byzantine-style luxury, shopping becomes a real a pleasure. Lafayette department store counters the first floor are cosmetics and leather goods; the second floor is a louis vuitton bagsng designer brand; the third floor is a more mature style of designer brands, the fourth floor of a collection of almost worldwide brands of underwear, called \Vend?me shop here early in the 19th century has been famous far and wide. People who have vertigo flash jewelry is well deserved lead. Here the story of infighting his office more than wonderful. Jewelers are gathered here, some old and famous stick here in Paris, and later those who like Boucheron, VanCleef & Arpels, Chaumet, Dior, Chanel and other brand-name no less. Heart of What, now welcome the arrival of Chinese tourists in Paris are also constantly create a warm environment and convenient travel. Notre Dame de Paris launched a Chinese version of the introductory statement, the world's top brands Louis Vuitton's staff also learned to say hello in Chinese and tourists, the Paris spring, Lafayette department stores and other shopping shrine also have launched promotions for the Chinese people, CUP card can also be consumed directly in the ground ... ... these are for the Chinese people living in Europe feel at home. Let us go to feel the romantic atmosphere of Paris bar. St. Honoré Street fusion of old and new fashion with the collision forces are Saint - Honoré Street staged. The 18th century, here is the aristocratic residential area, the street brings together a number of luxury shops and antique shops, scarves expert Hermes (Hermes) is from 1837, settled here since the. In addition there louis vuitton handbags Chanel, CD,4, Givenchy, Gucci, LagerfeldGallery, LolitaLempicka, ChristianLacroix, SoniaRykiel, Versace, Chloe, Lanvin and other well-known brands in the waiting. the other hand is a hotbed of new store COLETTE. CO-LETTE can be said that the concept of the first store to play. Since its establishment in 1997, millions of people to persuade shopkeepers to open shops Sarah, but she said: \As with the general store
COLETTE the first floor is louis vuitton wallet cosmetics world, such as kiehl's louis vuitton bags aesop these professionals, louis vuitton wallet fancy flagship brand is here, in addition to small parts, books and other interesting pieces.
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