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Joined: 15 Aug 2010
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Location: xpwhqu
PostPosted: Sun Aug 15, 2010 6:18 pm    Post subject: Bape G-shock watches wholesale This world a kind o Reply with quote

This world a kind of emotion called \all with his shadow. Like reading in the middle of the night suddenly think of him, imagine what he is now my heart burst of silence broke into ripples of euphoria and warmth, but never take the initiative to call him. A few minutes later, attention was again attracted the plot of the book!

Love is in the lonely night, flood of thoughts,Bape G-shock watches wholesale, hands holding the book is how can not look at my heart always thinking about whether he was still working overtime at this time, eat not eat, is not generally think of him as his own thinking. Like to discuss the issue with his contention that the red in the face, all do not give, in front of him like a hedgehog, like never admit defeat, but in their hearts they had secretly admire his insight to his talent.

Love is hope that he and his act in unison, and his empathy, his unintentional joke that's also instantly make their own depression and even tears. Before him, he is from the defenseless. Love is away from home sent him a message and tell his side of the weather is good, then the phone turned off, one week alone in a foreign Feng Wan, tanned after a black man suddenly appeared in front of him threatened him with a dive.

where love is both hope to have him. Can stand on the beach to his cell phone, let him hear the sound of the waves; also because the streets in a foreign land that resembles his back and a blank in place a long time still. Like his pre-mission brief Drive out \Love is his mission before the 1000 Pro Reminder million asked, to his backpack stuffed with clothes and food, at the station until the train pulled away before they agree to leave. And in the days when every day he left distraught, the prayer over and over again that he can return home safely. Love is when wounded, did not want him to see his softer side, in front of him quietly erase the tears, turned to happiness is still a strong look.

love is wronged when climbing in his chest, crying, did not disguise do not worry, all the trouble to tell him all, and eager to embrace his comfort. Like those of his weekend shopping and visiting the tired eat KFC; is in the cold winter and he grabbed a cup of hot coffee; is walking side by side with him always separated by half a meter in the middle of the street the distance; is to accompany him to play in front of the computer Game two men laugh like a child.

Love is the weekend to make use of half a day and personally met several Road to see him eat good food; is constantly in the cold winter continued on his coffee cup in hot water ; was walking down the street with his arm to let him close his hand; is quiet next to him was doing, happy to see him concentrate at work at the computer looks like. Love is interesting listening to him make his childhood, and then laughed, touched the hearts filled with inexplicable.

love is his childhood listening to his anecdotes, and then smiled, more pity the hearts of not just this once so naughty man. Like to run into him in the corridor, happy, and he say hello, and then a few simple greetings,replica oakley sunglasses, the passage of time saw the bright sunshine outside the window, feeling good up unprovoked.

love to see him in the corridor of the face pretended not care about the face, but was snubbed by carefully feeling in the air around them vibrate, so can not help but look back glance at. Like to see him and the other girls stroll by, mind a little pain, but the sun will soon be directed at re-Raising smiles.

love not afford to lose the game, pay all, the left may be just carved a scar in the heart. Like a man is like his own, so you can like many people, like many people are their own.

love is clearly indispensable to it, I have had to abandon him because he's happy, maybe I can not give. Not to occupy him, and hope to see him find happiness, even if the share of happiness is not shared with me. Like is that the lonely and bored when the sad time, find someone to talk to.

love is, at any time he wants to share happy times and even gave hope to all happy with him. Like that in the long, long time no contact, when he received a phone call and then listening to him laugh.

love,fake oakley sunglasses Do not drink milk - and the, in a few days without contact,... Ningxia Zhongwei Shapotou bungee ... - Qzone, when, anxious entitled to call him,china wholesale GHD hair straightener, and then hold back tears smile. Like, only with time, it always thinking about each other.

love, even if it is together,wholesale True Religion Jeans, every second are all miss him miss. Like a person, the majority of many friends, will feel happy.

love a person, is more than one person, two people are uncomfortable world. Like a person, is sweet and the. Love a person is about fruitful. Like a person, the time will be very happy together.

love a person, with time, inexplicable loss. Like a person, you will not think of your future.

love someone, you always look forward with tomorrow. Like a person,cheapest mbt shoes, always happy when together.

love someone, you will always shed tears. Like a person, when you lost, you will suddenly think of him.

love someone, when you lost, you will think of him every day. Like a person, when you think of him, you will smile.

love someone, when you think of him, you will against the sky trance. Like a person, you would think he had children, you will love it.

love someone, one day you suddenly very curious about: the future of our children would look like.

like a person is to everyone happy. Love a person hope that he will be more happy. Like a person, you just might win today.

love someone, you never expect. Like a man, saw his advantage.

love a person, inclusive of his shortcomings. When you stand in front of your love, your heart rate will accelerate. But when you stand in front of you like,Rational to interpret life, you just feel happy.

When you and your loved ones eyes first met, you will be shy.
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