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PostPosted: Sun Aug 15, 2010 7:43 am    Post subject: No matter what the clothes get dirty can be washed Reply with quote

closet with several items of clothing are yellow, with a total that is not clean! Now finally know, and there are ways to deal with, very pleased

(1) clothes will turn yellow, mostly due to weak fluorescent agent,cheap juicy couture wholesale, wants to restore white and bright clothing on have to find ways.
rice washing water + orange peel and a simple and effective:
keep rice washing water, or the orange peel into the pot and add water, cook it, it will yellow clothes soaking and scrubbing can easily allow them to restore white garments. Not only simple, like the market will sell the fluorescent brightener skin side effects and does not hurt the cloth, is worth a try in a good way.
sweat produced yellow stains, use ammonia to remove:
sweat produced by sweat, as sweat contains fat, easy to condense in the fabric fibers, so washing is about 2 tablespoons of ammonia to join , soak a few minutes, scrub it, then wash with water, according to common laundry procedures, you can remove yellow sweat another!
(2) sometimes, white clothes or light color clothes are run color will turn yellow, white or light colored clothes cause yellowing is mainly due to the secretion of human body fat, especially polyester fabric clothing, more yellowing. There are also washing residual fertilizer residues (most notably the end of ketones found in flax fiber), if not clean, make clothes, large areas of yellowing. For this phenomenon there are ways to get rid of, for example, washing clothes in the washing temperature, the heavy use of cleaning agents. A traditional approach is to yellow clothes hanging in the hot sun exposure, but before that, should the yellow office on fresh lemon juice, add some salt and gently rub.
Warning: be careful operation, to avoid using chlorine bleaching agent. Spandex, silk, wool and other fabrics, contact with chlorine bleaching agent will make it more yellow.
(3) If you put a long white dress clothes will become yellow, yellow stains on the main constituents of proteins, spinach after the release of soluble proteins after boiling the ingredients oh.
1. buy a spinach after boiling hot water, the spinach scooped up, leaving only Guntang standby
2. will have a yellow stain where the water rub into the spinach in water for 10 minutes
3. immersion salvage clothing program in the normal laundry wash clothes. completed. White clothing and resumed a!
Laundry Tips Gallery:
1, clean white, white socks
stubborn stains on white clothing is difficult to eradicate, this time after taking a lemon slice boils water to put white clothes into the water soaking, about 15 minutes to clean can be.
2, clean clothes smell
sometimes for drying clothes shall not be deemed, there will be unpleasant sour sweat, take white vinegar mixed with water, soak a taste of clothes for about five minutes, then dry clothing in the ventilation on it!
3, dealing with clothes printed document alcohol poured
first fountain pen scratches on the clothes, every scratch on the coverage of alcohol must be uniform, the concentration of alcohol to choose not less than 75% medicine with alcohol. Clothes on the back of the alcohol put this face, try not to touch the other side dress, or a pen or ball point pen mark on the color may be dyed to other parts of clothing. With a common wash basin, half ready to basin of water, next to the two caps full of bleach poured in the clean water, pay attention to it must be a full two-bottle Caixing. Message after doing stirring, add a little detergent after, the amount of your own hands. Also slightly after mixing, so that washing powder to fully dissolve in water. Well,ed hardy sale, now clothes are soaked in water, time is 20 minutes. Time to clean the clothes, not the point mark!
pen marks and if traces of heavy use of such methods if the surviving remains after the last add soap and gently rub with toothpaste, then rinse thoroughly with water. (But strictly forbidden to use boiled water!)
Clothing stains document pen marks, there is another solution: that is do not rush the clothes into the water, but the first wash with gasoline some stains wash.
4, wash clothes on the way to a soy sauce stain
: need to use sugar. First of all, where the stained water stains soaked, and then sprinkle with a spoonful of sugar, rub hands. We can see traces of soy sauce has some stains on the white sugar, and then water washing can remove the stains.
method 2: the need to use soda. The white vest soaked in soy sauce-stained areas painted soda stains, wash with water after 10 minutes, you can remove soy sauce stains.
Option three: the need to use fresh lotus root, a knife to cut fresh lotus root, lotus root juice to fresh painted signs Department in soy sauce, 10 minutes after washing in water, soy sauce stains can be removed.
5, cleaning clothes clothing Cengdao
paint paint how to do? Method is to cool the oil to a sticky paint wipe the site, because the material contained in Balm in soluble paint, after the rinse. If coated with water-soluble paint (such as water soluble paint, latex paint) and home interior wall paint, a wash water that is lost in time; if nylon fabric with paint stains, rub lard can be painted first, and then detergent dip, clean water drift net.
6, clean grass stains
you need to prepare 100 grams of salt, while you also need to prepare 1000 grams fresh water. Pour the water container, hand mix, the clothing stained with grass stains into the basin, in salt water for 10 minutes. The clothes into the washing in water, then you will find that easily can be washed off the stubborn grass stains on the.
7, cleaning stained clothes
in the washing machine with warm water, start the washing machine for rinsing, disinfecting solution by adding 84, Bangang about one third of bottles of water plus disinfectant, dilute, add clothes, covered with lid, rinse about 25 minutes, 25 minutes until golden clothing, clothes dried on the back the original color.
If you want to avoid the clothes do not fade, just bought back a new Yiyi, must put some salt in the water (a bucket of water a teaspoon), washed with water to rinse immediately, do not soak too long Oh! Finally, do not in the sun exposure, sun Oh will dye degeneration. Should be placed on a cool dry ventilated place.
8, clean blood
just addicted should immediately wash with cold water or dilute brine (disable hot water, because blood contains proteins, when heated, will be solidified, not easy to melt), then soap, or 10% potassium iodide solution cleaning;
white radish juice or mashed carrots mixed with salt capable of removing blood stains on clothing;
with 10% tartaric acid solution to wiping stains Department, use cold water wash;
remove the blood stain with a detergent enzyme, the effect is very good;
longer if the stain can be used 10% or 3% hydrogen peroxide ammonia pollution wiping Department, in a moment, then strong wash cold.
if not clean, then 10-15% of the oxalic acid solution washing, final rinse with water.
whether the new track, thing of the past, can be cleaned with sulfur soap rub.
apply the oil with a smear of blood on hand, stay for 15 minutes or so, in the soap with water can be.
9, easy to wash clothes become moldy
The weather was hot and humid air, or when the season changed, washed the clothes very easily Mould growth, especially when a white dress, long last become moldy if it is very depressing thing.
does not matter to deal with these moldy, there are many ways:
mung bean sprouts; to and tender green sprouts on the moldy, the hands Shi Jin rub, is not a clean-off? Recapture some of mung bean sprouts and then rub, hum, a lot of color and shallow, then rub, hard work pays off, does not become moldy, and the final rinse then, ha ha, that simple,ralph lauren big pony, problem solved;
clothing The visible mold can be the first exposure to sunlight, mildew, after clearing brush hair, then wash alcohol addition;
to be visible mold contamination in clothes soaked into the thick soapy water, remove with soap water, the sun set sun for a while, several times repeated drying in the sun, when visible mold removal, the reuse of water drift net;
silk clothing available citric acid washing, use cold water after bleaching;
hemp fabric mildew stains, calcium chloride can be used washing liquid;
wool can also be used mustard stains on the solution or borax (a bucket of water or mustard 2 tablespoons borax 2 tablespoons) washing;
soap with 2% alcohol solution (250 g alcohol within the plus-one to soft-soap flakes, stir) to clean, and then use bleach 3-5% sodium hypochlorite or hydrogen peroxide to clean, and finally washing. This approach restricted to white clothing thing of the past can be soaked in solution for 1 hour.
10, clean red, gentian violet
red medicine stains with white vinegar wash can be the first, and then with water drift net;
first red syrup also can be soaked with sewage Department glycerol scrub, and then ammonia soap repeated washing liquid, if adding a few drops of dilute acetic acid solution, then soap and water wash, a better effect;
processing gentian violet stains, a small amount of hydrosulfite can be diluted with water, with a small brush dipped in the cleaning solution. Repeated use of insurance, scouring powder and water until the addition to the net (gross sticky materials can be dyed clothing, silk and dyes color material disable Oh!!)
11, Yiyi cleaning plaster
sometimes rub on the plaster can be Add few drops of alcohol (wine or sorghum can be), on the place stained plaster stains rub until the plaster to the net, and then clear water rinse, or alum baking off the end of kneading,chaussures tn nike, and then washed also;
also be used for consumption base surface scattering in a dirty office, add some warm water, rub a few times,designer replica handbags, you can remove. If we base plane home Tieshao spread to pollution within the Department, after heating, together with warm water rubbing washing, decontamination faster.
12, washing clothes yellowed
In fact, the clothes will turn yellow, fluorescent agents are mostly weak, you want to restore white clothes bright, you have to think of a way.
rice washing water + orange peel and a simple and effective:
keep rice washing water, or the orange peel into the pot and add water, cook it, it will yellow clothes soaking and scrubbing can easily allow them to restore white garments. Not only simple, like the market will sell the fluorescent brightener skin side effects and does not hurt the cloth, is worth a try in a good way;
produce yellow sweat stains, use ammonia to remove: sweat perspiration produced, because sweat contains fat, easy to condense in the fabric fibers, so adding about 2 tablespoons of washing when the ammonia, soak a few minutes, scrub it, then wash with water, according to common procedures for handling laundry , you can remove yellow sweat another!
13, cleaning beer, yellow Jiuzi
new infectious stains, put clean water and scrubbing that is out now.
thing of the past can be washed with water first, then 2% of the ammonia and borax mixture Kneading, and finally with washing rinse; rice wine thing of the past, in washed with water, then 5% of borax solution and 3 % hydrogen peroxide wiping Sewage Department, and finally with water drift net.
14, clean fruit juice stains can be printed
new brine wiping sewage Office, or immediately sprinkled salt pollution office, hand Qingcuo, after water immersion wet wash detergent solution, can also be rubbed with warm water with soap In addition to powerful wash;
re-trace and the thing of the past removed, can be the first 5% of the ammonia and organic acids in the juice, then use detergents to clean. Wool-containing fiber blends have tartaric acid cleaning;
such as fabric for the white, 3% hydrogen peroxide may have added a few drops of ammonia, with a cotton ball or cloth dipped in this solution will stain Department wetting, re-use a clean cloth wipe,bape clothing, dry;
with 3-5% sodium hypochlorite solution wiping stain Department, reuse of water drift net. If the thing of the past, it can be soaked in the solution over 1-2 hours, then scrub, drift net;
traces of peach juice, because it contains high iron, the addition of oxalic acid solution can be used. Stains on the persimmon, and immediately rub salt enriched with wine, then warm detergent solution, clean, clear water drift net;
tomato sauce can first scrape dry track, with warm detergent wash. Jam wetted with water to take shampoo brush, then wash with soap wine semen, rinse thoroughly with water.
15, cleaning rust
chores is not often encounter this?
take fresh lemons, squeeze the juice can drip in the rust stains on the rubbing of hands, repeated several times, until the rust stain removal, and then soap and water wash.
16, cleaning of the iodine stain iodine
be first soaked in rubbing with a starch (starch iodine immediately encountered black), and then gently wash away the suds.
iodine stain light water or alcohol can also be used rubbing swab potassium iodide solution. Concentration of 15-20% of stains can be immersed in a solution of Sodium hyposulfite warm, about 2 hours, then clear water rinse.
17, cleaning print mimeograph
when wool or cloth coated with ink, it should first rinse with hot water or boiling water, then scrub with soap and water, reuse of water drift net, you can clean. Do not use cold water wash, as it will immerse the fiber color is very hard to clean.
18, clean butter yellow grease India
because the main component of fat, alcohol or ammonia used for washing out again.
19, clean lipstick
need makeup JM, estimated to fear most is the lipstick off clothes Cengdao India Rights;
contracted lipstick, can first gently with small brush dipped in petrol brush rubbing to a net oil, then in addition to temperature wash detergent solution;
gasoline can also be used if there is no bubble-type mineral water or soda water with a bartender, poured in clean cloth with prints on the pat where it Effective Oh!
20, cleaning tea and coffee stains
be tea, coffee, these drinks contaminated clothing and immediately wash with 70-80% of the water could be removed.
old tea trace can be used concentrated salt water immersion, or mixture of ammonia and glycerol (1:10) Kneading. Silk and wool fabrics to disable ammonia, 10% glycerol solution can rub, then rinse water after washing detergent.
old tea and coffee track, available glycerol and egg yolk mixture to clean, slightly dry with water drift net. Or glycerol in the paint stains Department, then sprinkle a few grains of borax with water immersion. Also with diluted ammonia, borax clean warm water.
old coffee can trace to 3% hydrogen peroxide solution, wiping, and rinse with water, can be cleaned with a solution of salt or glycerol.
21, to remove grease
first gently scrape the surface wax with a knife, and two were asked to use toilet paper up and down in the dirt, iron with iron two or three times the heat with the iron within the cloth fibers wax melting, melting the wax is absorbed toilet paper. Repeated several times, candles can be inter net mimeograph.
22, place gum:
chewing gum stuck to the clothes, you can use cotton dipped vinegar, the gum can be easily erased;
chewing gum on the clothing on the glue track, can be the first with a small Knife go, take egg and put it on it remains loose, and then wipe them one by one, in the final wash in soapy water and wash with water;
first clothes can also be wrapped in plastic bags, into the refrigerator freezer for half a day, etc. clothes taken out of chewing gum has hardened, gently rubbing, chewing gum quickly lost, but not a trace!
23, Qiao whiten white shoes sneakers
mentioned, you may also have had the same trouble?? hard dry clean white sneakers that have occurred after the yellow mark, really ugly ah! Miss Yu enthusiastic audience may wish to try this trick to provide for still white washed, white sneakers such as the new bar!
first shoes with soap or detergent to wash clean, to wash good shoes soaked in beer in three minutes, and then the shoes get the balcony, in the shade, and cover with a tissue on the upper, dry! Effect is obvious Oh!
24, clever use of washing towels
towel a long time, often wet and sticky, rub salt can be used after washing with water may remove the sticky things.
25, to remove pen stains
online with friends, a message asking, \clothes soaked with a solution of oxalic acid scrubbing water may place signs. As the acid is weak acid, not corrosion clothing.
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