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Joined: 02 Aug 2010
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Location: sufglm
PostPosted: Thu Aug 12, 2010 12:54 pm    Post subject: Nikon to avoid dealing with the sulfur dioxide poi Reply with quote

Police beat people! ! !

Nikon Optical Co., Ltd. Wuxi 4.27 occurred the evening of sulfur dioxide poisoning, smell its stench was shop staff, leadership, and to immediately stop production. Staff was non-stop just because someone fainted, to 14:00 is due to an excessive number of collapsed only had to stop production. And subsequently to be dealt with immediately, but the staff continued to work. And to 27 after only 50 people had fainted, leading to more than 200 the number of later collapsed. But the Japanese are said factory workers collapsed to produce it, people speechless. Unexpectedly, the factory required to work 5.3 stench continues to spread panic all the factory workers can not work without distraction. 5.4 Workshop Guojing Li and we will open a small statement that the gas is not factory manufactured pharmaceutical companies across the western medicine treatment given to the pool. Health and Environmental Protection Agency has done its processing, for drug companies to stop the medicine treatment pond. And stated that now is not toxic plant, the factory will be a 1 hour test, and people on the roof to see if there is gas coming. But on the 4th day some people fainted in the workshop, a statement of its managers are extremely disappointed. So on the 4th day,designer replica handbags, all the medical staff asked the company to agree to this argument started and the staff had to stop pending the results of plant health. Later the company considered required medical examinations of its employees have agreed, and that employees can resume production. But at night 4 people into the new district hospital has been so non-5 production. May in the 5 D pipe shop in the morning roll call,ed hardy sale, there was also some faint. Staff of the heart even more panic, had thought that the Government and the media will give attention to the sad truth is actually nothing happened. Such a major event took place, actually only on the network only. Other related news actually is not reported, so the factory does not give a reasonable explanation. 6, we have arranged for the morning of the factory canteen to make an environmental determination of staff explained to me that its the result of determination at No. 5 is no problem, but we want to know the data before 5. He said no. Asked whether he could guarantee the proper environment before the workshop? He said no. That our determination to doing this kind of environment, and in this determination was not stopped after the officer collapsed Nikon phenomenon. More silent is Nikon's top leadership actually no right to the improper handling of events leading to the impact on staff, said the apology but each time passing the buck to the pharmaceutical companies. 6, night shift employees constantly collapsed, ordered all employees to work one hour to go home. 7, no factory to notice any shop let us into our home. Many staff and to go home,chaussures tn nike, but from the factory door handle you want to give us their factory. Who knows Less than 1 hour and actually come to a lot of police staff have been blocked Drive for Nikon just wanted to personally deal with a high-level things. Who would have thought no one to care, because the same traffic. That the police actually conflict with the staff, and some actually stop to push the female body. In such circumstances, staff contacted the Wuxi and Nanjing News zero distance actually said,bape clothing, \This has happened up to 3 hours, general manager finally came forward, and he just said give us physical examination, occurred after-effects of given treatment. But this answer is absolutely not satisfied with our staff, are the Japanese so do not put our employees in China seriously it? Our Chinese employees to only their own legitimate rights and interests, we need to write down in black and white factory warranty. Note that the gas is not my Nikon manufactured and guaranteed by the after-effects caused by sulfur dioxide must give us reasonable compensation and treatment, and the statement of apology to all employees.
victim's complaint

angry employees

This is our sister fainted Police

(safety consequences)

Nikon Optical Co., Ltd. Wuxi night shift from 4.27 of sulfur dioxide poisoning took place, and today after 13 days has passed, things grew more serious during the day today because we have medical problems and complications caused by the sulfur dioxide problem, to plant discussion to a say in the hope that the responsible company who can give us a reasonable answer. (Of course, a small part of the staff at work, they earn 1.5 times for the money to pay..) The factory say that the museum has been testing all qualified, 5.11 start arrangements to the hospital to our physical plant, but also that the expert has mentioned that this will not leave after-effects of poisoning, hospitals and specialists who are sure to be a good buy, I believe they are useful? We say we can only hope that his physical examination, and medical expenses can be reimbursed the factory, and we do not believe any hospital in Wuxi, but he said it was impossible,cheap juicy couture wholesale, we do not know, his physical examination this is very over- it? Several people themselves, Changzhou and Suzhou medical hospital, are chronic physical examination the blood of harmful substances, then that person left, that to discuss, then discuss the more than four hours, the result is still the same, in the process , there are 6 people fainted and was taken to hospital, this is what they called The qualified,ralph lauren big pony, this kind of work environment, we also how they will work, then there is a seemingly leadership and we said that it collapsed because of the staff psychological reasons. . Later we came to office hoping to have a lead out, but nobody had them, the police surrounded us, including a policeman hit one of our sisters, then we let him apologize, and behold, one would he slipped away, funny ah. After a while, nearly 200 people in the police and rushed to us from outside the Police Association, also captured one, and that is our Police ah. Detestable. . . . We have to continue to defend their rights. . . . . . . . .

want to see all the Chinese people, must be reproduced down, and now none of us unreliable, and can only rely on yourself
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