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Joined: 02 Aug 2010
Posts: 15
Location: sufglm
PostPosted: Thu Aug 12, 2010 12:53 pm    Post subject: QQ Signature Collection Reply with quote

is the only umbrella, still wet people?
edge has always been shallow, but since the Wife? He
in cardamom, who is the end of time who promise.
flower Mei Juan, Homecoming.
some things turned around is a lifetime.
young we give up, thought it was just a feeling, and then I, that is life.
I'm still waiting for you, but you have forgotten have been here.
miserable stance.
I'm fine, no noise no trouble do not show off, do not wronged do not laugh, do not need other people to know.
I forgot you turn on the passerby, so how can accompany you waste a Love to End of the World?

wish you some happiness when happiness was a bit sad.
bridge you go, I take the underpass.
stand up to Homecoming, escape youth here.
original Forever and Ever, just a misunderstanding.
busy are they, and not mine.
butterfly fly, but the sea.
and love quarrels, and the stranger speak from the heart.
I love you, and your business.
listening to sad songs and happy show.
if only as shown signs of life.

you I love you but relied on.
fool, we are the same.
original sad is this.
hypnosis yourself, tell yourself, and happiness.
you sitting on the sofa wide, and you love the music stopped, the day I wait for you and so became the furnishings ... ...
this winter does not surprise me ... ...
I'm your kite, lines In your hand, I can only accompany the wind ... ...
just want to hear you say, and wish me happy.
Looking back light, such as the old,ed hardy sale, shallow holding hands.
love I put up preparedness, but you still hug me. no man

next life, next life is no longer met.
are the envy of my friends, in fact, I envy them are.
love you, long time, so you have a long time, now,designer replica handbags, I want to leave you even more than long, long time long forgotten ... ...
happy, not unhappy.
drag your hand once I have met.
young and crazy, happy time.
I do not care I do not care about you.
the next intersection, missing a certain temperature.
I believe that this world is always so beautiful.
I used all my fruit fruit, a Yen for your laughter.

uncomfortable habit, habit thoughts, habits,cheap juicy couture wholesale, and you, but it has not been used to see you ... ...
no place to place, our distant youth.
I was rejected in love, how could you lose me.
eyes in the rain for you, but their hearts are in the umbrella for you.
lonely too will exploit any tiny opening.
get the secrets of others, will lose their happiness.
not madness, not survival.
just like old love, always remember one day, had actually thought that love to death.
hand, the lifeline of the cross.
he returned in the past, did not return.

living in a fairy tale from heaven closer ... ...
the long run, we are dead.
I could still love him!
Hush ... ... listen to the voice of broken heart ... ...
I cross the road, where were you?
age of those who were allowed to self-willed, called the youth ... ...
I have money, you come home!
forgotten, is the most helpless love.
I want to love him.
your happiness is obvious, I no place to hide away embarrassed.

if I turned around, no one will see my tears, right?
We passed so many tests and finally back to the starting point ... ...
make you crazy in the place without me, let me in the world without you strong.
every day, allowing himself one indulgence, cry once, just once ... ... the rest of the time, they smiled happily too.
their cruel, will make you happy.
I am a good person, do not hurt me.
I was protected by the shadow.
not escape, and finally will become old ... ...
that ultimately makes you stuck with me, always a good start.
love and death, which colder?

you turn around, I went down.
I just want to ask you, if I look back, you are still alive?
When you do the time, no one will remember; when you wrong time, even the breathing is wrong.
love so short, forgetting is so long ... ...
wait, is the first of the old life.
that are very, very good,ralph lauren big pony, but I chose not to like.
one who no longer want, anything can be put down.
Who's lonely, follow I-hua chang. Who's Hua-chang, cover my shoulders.
pray for world let a pair of lovers,chaussures tn nike, never fear another occurrence happened.
the highest state of love can stand the plain is fleeting.

fairy tale is over, forgotten is happiness.
initially strangers,bape clothing, not to recognize the end.
Health wrong, death can not afford.
happiness is to find a warm person through life.
no trouble, but no return.
to how strong, dare not forget.
watching other people's stories, their tears flowing.
I like to present myself, I remember our past.
left, let alone wish me happy, what makes you qualified Wish me happy?
not have to have a strong understanding of the weak.

Do not rely on others, you still can rely on when it is put out.
may go too far the price is loneliness.
not deceive me, you know even if your lies I will believe it.
to leave, please, never to return.
I miss, you do not miss.
me nostalgic, because I do not see you and the future.
Please do not pretend I am, I'm a fool, would be unkind.
emotional drama, I did not acting.
a person, a city life feel bad
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