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Joined: 02 Aug 2010
Posts: 15
Location: sufglm
PostPosted: Sun Aug 15, 2010 7:43 am    Post subject: The smile you most people left injured Reply with quote

the smile left the deepest wound you people
[/ M]
[r] when the former love
; longer exists, when the emotion of flowers have been
; by winter rain hit Canhong homeless, people are used to stop the total
habitat in the light of love crooning branches sing,
not mind still cherish the share of tenderness, waiting hurt themselves people back
heart turn and is also determined to revenge the same way, but are
; unwise,ralph lauren big pony, not chic. unlovable, the most appropriate way is to smile his way,chaussures tn nike, and sound to treasure. [/ M]

bring a smile to fail our people,cheap juicy couture wholesale,
bring tears to yourself,designer replica handbags, but wish to fail our
people,ed hardy sale, the pain for themselves, not the higher attainment,
not feeling fine insight, not the loved one from the bottom of the heart within the
love,bape clothing, who can do that leave a smile? The smile left friends
friends is not easy in general, to fail our people even more difficult.
Because most people who hurt us may have our deepest love, pay more was hurt, the heart
more pain, but we have to smile, emotion is a very complex issue, we can barely
others, fall in love when there are 1000 reasons, not love, this reason for a 1000 argument does not hold the secret of which
there Who can say? able to speak clearly, love impermanence, can only smile to right, why bother interference of others, they hurt themselves?
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