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PostPosted: Sat Aug 14, 2010 3:22 am    Post subject: PUMA Cat Shoes Ugg Coquette Slipper Reply with quote


Ugg Coquette Slipper
from a consummarizeer in the home appliance chain store buy a particular home appliances store, until the product is delivered to your door, this story takes place during what? Reporters recently visited Beijing Suning Appliance logistics center in an attempt to reveal the secret readers.
■ appliance stores the day before yesterday and yesterday logistics
stakehancienters, according to Suning introduced 90 years ago in the 20th century,Ugg Coquette Slipper, home appliances sales channels and scattered small scale of the general appliance sales business choose to open a warehoemploy store on the primarily ground, storage colour TV, refrigerator, the door has a number of delivery vehicles parked, if the conventioner buy the product, the scene dragging out test machine, and then immediately force delivery. The original state could not be called modern logistics mode, not even formed the concept of logistics.
With the gradual growth of home appliance retailers, many stores started to enter the heart of each city business district, and the scene shop is the best business resources, such as Suning Nanjing Xinjiekou launched in 1999 to store, shops per square meter per rent up to 3 days yuan, while in other places as long as 3 cents,authentic St Louis Blues jerseys, to prepare in such a warehouse where it is sectionicularly wasteful. So Suning to improve this mode,authentic Los Angeles Lakers jerseys, pioneered the primarily generation of logistics and distribution model: stores library items are not equipment, nonetheless in another place set up warehoemploys. Goods sancient are not at the scene when the test machine, the conventioner a good job at home waiting for tickets only, delivery vehicles will be delivered to your door soon. Delivery before delivery to send only one person, nonetheless now several customers together to send, thus reducing costs. Suning will soon launch this model, other home appliance chain enterprises have to follow, became a new business model and continues to this day.
■ a typical logistics Suning CEO Sun Weimin
mode that the current existence of a miraculous household appliance business services are attributable to the lack of basic inputs, caused by weak service platform. Delay delivery, installation arduousies, troubles can not simply repeat the maintenance staff from the correct attitude to be solved, must have the material stations of service. Tremendous amount of home appliances chain services, without adequate roughware platform support is unretrospectable.
And distributed, pure manufacture-based model genesized by the first generation of logistics costs increasing and more home appliance retail industry squeeze on the already meager profit thresholds. As a result, Suning logistics in developed countries in the study mode, a second generation of appliance logistics model.
It is understood that Suning customer service center and all service processes are unified into a unified company-wide installation of Suning in the SAP information management system. In the second generation of logistics mode,PUMA Cat Shoes, when a consumer in a store within Suning buy a particular home appliance products (such as color TV, air conditioning), the store staff that the order information via the SAP system, rapid transfer to the logistics center. Next, the logistics center dispatching hall personnel assigned by the system pick up at any time, and then into concrete delivered to your door by the driver which. Dispatching dispatching a regional focus and time rolling dispatching step to avoid the busy morning before the delivery workers busy afternoon imbalances.
Warehouse logistics center in Suning outside the storage platform, delivery vehicles from manufactionurers all over the goods into the warehouse at this, after a tally in a warehouse, color TV,Timberland UK, refrigerator, air conditioning, etc. are stored in the regional category,Burberry Belts, and need extrdecreeing from the storage area when the goods into the library spot area. Storage platform in the office,Air Force1 Mid, a hydraulic lift platform lorry factionory compartment under high hydraulic lifting platform height adjustment, easy to discharge, while the entyre database of the wireless network seamlessly. Warehouses, each row of shelves is numbered, and the bar code on the shelves to help staff in the huge warehouse located precisely to find the appropriate location,Chicago Bulls apparel, staff scan bar codes, using render tools, due to the warehouse have a wireless network in real-time transmission of data, can quickly understand the shelves in search of brand, quantity and other information. If you need to pick up from the top shelf, with special forklift on it, remove the cargo area, will be transferred to delivery vehicles, staff from the delivery to the destistate --- the consumer's home.
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